The spirit that guides us has not changed since the beginning. The human factor has always played a fundamental role in our history. Today this value is enhanced by technology, in order to be able to give quick responses and up to the customer’s expectations.

Since direct or indirect customers are OEMs, the key to achieve our goal is to be the best possible partner for customers throughout the entire process, with the utmost care in every single step.

In fact, we propose ourselves as the exclusive partner of the customer, committed from checking the steel before to start working, with strict ultrasonic checks up to the inspection checks with the classification agencies.







La sicurezza è fondamentale per Amma, infatti dispone di un laboratorio interno per i controlli sui pezzi prodotti

The customer is at the center of our commitment and, as such, we seriously consider, evaluate and process together with him every request, providing the solution that best suits his needs. This aspect is particularly important especially at the beginning of the work, where all potential problems are evaluated and adequate technical solutions are provided.

For this reason, we have a fully equipped in-house laboratory for ultrasonic checks, destructive tests (strength, resilience and tensile testing), magnetic particle inspection bench (Magnaflux), and bridge coordinate measuring machine (CMM) 700x1000x700 mm).

As a further guarantee of the security we offer, Amma has been ISO 9001 certified for 25 years and assures high traceability.
The production process ensures the traceability of the material, product and the outsourced heat treatment.


Products quality is complete and involves the entire process, starting from the raw material up to the final tests.

In fact, in our production process we only use high quality raw material from certified Italian and European steel mills, with a product traceability that crosses the entire production chain.

Since our customers operate, directly or indirectly, in the global supply chain, we are inspired by a networked factory model that allows fast response times and flexibility. This consents us to make our own the customer’s production standards and needs, and to provide everyone with a tailored solution.

Furthermore, upon request we can carry out checks on the material before and after forging, thanks to the equipment of our in-house laboratory and the expertise of certified operators.

The quality picture is completed with a strong partnership with companies specialized in the heat treatment of gears.

La qualità dei prodotti di Amma è totale, riguarda l'intero processo


In amma crediamo

In Amma we believe in the relationship between territory and environment, which is why we adopt a working model that supports this philosophy.

Hot press forging and CNC machining both involve a transformation process, whereby the manufacturing waste is completely recovered to be recycled as new steel, contributing to the life cycle of the raw material.

Zinc is an essential metal, indispensable for the life of flora and fauna, and obviously also for human life. It is an element naturally present in the air, water and soil and all ecosystems benefit from its presence.

Zinc is totally recyclable and 30% of the zinc used is obtained from recycling. Technically, zinc is available for recycling even after a period of 100 years.
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In Amma we have adopted LED lighting systems that contribute to a lower environmental impact and substantially improve the work environment.

“Vincere la materia è comprenderla, e comprenderla è necessario per comprendere l’universo e noi stessi”
(P. Levi)






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