Mechanical testing lab

The check of steel’s mechanical characteristics is carried out by the tensile, resilience and hardness tests.

Tensile testing consists in subjecting a specimen to an increasing load until failure, determining the mechanical resistance.

The resilience is the ability of a material to withstand dynamic forces up to a failure. The Charpy impact test determines the energy absorbed by a material during fracture in a single stroke.

The hardness test, carried out with a durometer, determines the resistance of a material to localized plastic deformation induced by mechanical indentation.

Grafico del controllo ad ultrasuoni per certificare l'idoneità del materiale

Ultrasound check

The ultrasound check is based on the measurement and analysis of the propagation of the ultrasonic waves and detects voids or internal flaws within the structure.
It is the first check we perform to verify the suitability of the raw material before processing it.

Magnetic particle inspection

One of the main checks of the machined material is the magnetic particle inspection. It is a non-destructive check that detects any surface and shallow subsurface cracks.

A quick and reliable suitability verification of an article is obtained by exploiting the attraction of ferromagnetic particles dispersed in a tracer liquid highlighted with a UV lamp.

Controllo Magnetoscopico, una verifica rapida sull'idoneità di un articolo
strumentazione di controllo 3D per valutare la conformità del prodotto finale

Bridge coordinate measuring (CMM)

The supply chain of any product implies a production and supply precision that requires compliance close to 100% of the batch.

This need is satisfied with 3D check instruments (CMM), which have a very versatile use, from quality control to dimensional verification of the pieces, up to the reverse engineering.

3D checks have a double value: they can be performed in complex environmental conditions and they ensure a very high level of precision in a very short time.


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