Hot press forging process

Hot press forging in Amma is the starting point to obtain top quality machined products. The application field is very wide, even though mainly towards components related to power transmission, such as gears, shafts, pinions, gearboxes, direct drives.

Our activity begins well before forging because it is essential the customer support from the Technical Department to analyze together the features of the raw material that will be used. All the background work therefore regards the feasibility analysis, the overall geometries and, above all, the Cad Cam design and manufacturing of the molds. At this juncture, our over 50 years know-how plays a fundamental role, because the entire process concerning the molds takes place internally. This allows fast and efficient response times.

The customer’s production requests are then met on furnace and electro-upsetting lines, ranging from 1.5 up to 25 kg.

Why hot press forging?

Forging and CNC machining are consequent activities. In order to meet the need of high machinability, it is essential to start from a rough piece that is already shaped on the final figure. In this way all CNC machining is optimized and production costs are reduced.

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What is Upsetting?

It is a mechanical thermal process through which a piece of steel is heated by electricity. The current, crossing the bar, heats it up to a temperature that allows the plastic deformation carried out by the screw press.


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