Amma is founded and operates in a 600 m2 site.


Beginning of historical collaborations with big companies such as
Officine Pellizzari (today Magneti Marelli), Ansaldo,
Grandi Motori Trieste (today Wärtsilä) and Italcantieri (today Fincantieri).

Administration is computerized with a Diablo 3000 computer.

In 1975, the production moves to the current 2600 m2 site.


The spread of the telephone in Italy leads to large productions of cable trays and poles for overhead lines.
Sip (now Telecom) becomes a strategic customer.

In 1982, the hot dip galvanizing activity begins.

Metalmeccanica Fracasso becomes the main customer for galvanizing.

Amma becomes a supply partner of FS (now Trenitalia).

Amma enters the agricultural machinery business becoming
Laverda’s strategic supplier.

The collaboration in the electrical systems sector begins
with Magrini Galileo (now Siemens).


The machine park begins to be renewed with new CNC lathes.

Amma extends its business to the automotive industrial sector supplying Fermi.

In 1996 Amma is ISO 9001 certified.

Amma starts to work with Gru Comedil (Terex group),
partnership today tied more than ever.

In galvanizing, irrigation world leader Dallai ties its name to Amma.


Hot press forging is enhanced.
Bondioli & Pavesi, ZF and Euroricambi become regular customers.

Leitner is a solid customer for CNC machining, so are Femi-CZ and Valente Pali for hot dip galvanizing.

The laboratory is enriched with a magnetic particle inspection test bench,
operated by certified internal staff.


A new automated line for up to 20 kg forged items is installed,
expanding and consolidating Amma’s position in the market.

Towards the end of the decade
a new electric upsetting line is installed.


The newest addition in the lab is a bridge coordinate measuring machine.